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MMS and Acne

Acne Outbreak: the Underlying Causes
by Amanda F. Penninger

Acne is never the chosen option, but far too many of us live with it on a day-to-day basis.  It damages our self esteem, makes us work harder to make a good impression, and influences the way others see us.   Acne never serves us, but what can we do to eradicate this enemy to healthy skin?

There can be many influences, both internal and external, that cause the outbreak of acne.  Age and hormonal changes are often the first thought when we think of acne, and many associate this skin condition with the raging hormones found in the teen years.  But acne does not always go away when a person reaches their adult years.

Could our diets be the cause of our acne outbreaks?  We’d rather look the other direction, because we like our cookies and crackers, our processed and fast foods.  Most cultures have moved away from whole fresh foods and filled the shelves with fast foods, processed foods, and a lot of additives and preservatives that we can’t even pronounce.

Can acne be the result of bacteria, virus or other foreign matter in our system?  Is it an outward expression of the internal state-of-health?  If acne is caused by a toxic internal environment, then how do we treat it?  Sounds like a dietary and maybe even environmental change is in order.  If it is caused by a parasite, like bacteria or virus, then how do we make ourselves stronger, and end the influence of these microscopic invaders?

Here we are, back at square one. Diet is the foundation of wellness and health.  After all, you are what you eat.  But what if you have not had the greatest diet?  How do you get back on track with your wellness program?  We can spin our wheels investing a lot of time and money to fix what is broken, or we can give our bodies the support and tools it needs to be strong and do the job it is designed to do.

Many processed foods contain chemicals that don’t always flush from the body.  Our environment can contain many chemicals, bacteria, viruses, etc that influence our health.  What can we do?  We can detox the body and provide it with clean water and healthy whole foods to help it grow stronger.

There are many options we have available to us these days for improving our bodies and our environment.  One tool, for example, is MMS.  This is an inexpensive solution of sodium chlorite, known for years as a water purification treatment.  MMS targets anaerobic substances, such as bacteria and viruses, but leaves the healthy, oxygen based human tissues alone.  Some use it as a part of their detox protocol as well.  There are many success stories of how MMS has been used to treat malaria as well as other bacterial or virus caused health conditions.

Your appearance is the first impression you make.  Acne does not have to stand between your outward appearance and your inner beauty.  There are steps we can take in our own lives to create a healthy environment both in the world around us and our own physical environment.

Amanda F. Penninger is a skin care specialist with years of experience with acne treatment. Research shows that basic electrolytes such as transdermal magnesium aid in healthy skin, and supplements such as miracle mineral solution help maintain healthy looking skin.